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A trilogy on the multicultural face of New York

Once upon a time a woman had the chance to run a cafe in New York… TEA for 3 tells us the story of a woman running a New York coffee house in 3 different variations. The theme varies through the experiences of three best friends; an American, a French and a Turkish woman. They … Continue reading

No offense! It’s a comedy!

Turkish actress/playwright and director Ege Maltepe’s play is digging at Americans, French and Turks through the friendship of three women. “It all started when I decided to create a Turkish character for myself,” says Maltepe while giggling. “I couldn’t help myself making fun of our silly habits and our sometimes, and well maybe most of … Continue reading

Thank you Tea Lady!

T Salon NYC’s founder Miriam Novalle, known as the “tea lady” will be providing some of her freshly brewed tea throughout the performance! TSalon is brewing 3 types of tea for 3 women in the play. The French Woman –  Mauritius She’s an ex-pianist who is creative, slightly arrogant, and intellectual.   Because France’s culture is coffee-centric, we’ve … Continue reading

Basın Bülteni (Türkçe)

Tiyatro sanatçısı Ege Maltepe’nin yazıp yönettiği ”TEA for 3” isimli oyun 27 Ocak’da LaGuardia Performing Arts Center’da! TEA for 3, genç bir kadının New York’da bir kafe işletme şansı yakalaması ve başından geçen maceralar üzerine kurulu. Oyunda bu hikayeyi biri Türk, biri Fransız biri Amerikalı 3 yakın arkadaşın gözünden 3 farklı versiyonda izliyoruz. ‘‘Oyun kültürel … Continue reading

TEA for 3 is looking for its new home!

After our amazing one and only performance, as a part of La Guardia Performing Arts Center’s LAB 201 program, we are looking forward to our future performances. As we submit this play to different performance spaces and theaters we’d like to announce our look out right here on our blog! Special thanks to T Salon’s Miriam … Continue reading